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No Cost Support

The Foundation and the kids we support need

all the help that YOU can give

No cost support:

You personally or your business can easily show you support the Foundation and the work we do on behalf of the youngest of Aussie kids.  All you need to do is add our web address www.kidswithcancer.org.au as part of the signature pane in your email linking it to our web page.

Copy & paste:   I proudly support the work of Kids with Cancer Foundation, www.kidswithcancer.org.au  

Edit your email signature to include the text by pasting it.  We figure the more our name gets out to the people who see the good work we do on their behalf, the more supporters we will have on board and the more Aussie kids we can support.  So even if you can't afford to make a direct donation you will be assisting our fundraising efforts and you can feel proud of that.

100% passed on:

Once a donation is received in our 'Gift Account' (an Australian Tax Office requirement for donations) it goes wholly to family assistance.  No management fees or costs are deducted from our Gift Account i.e. 100% is passed on.  We work hard 7 days a week without any major sponsors running our own lotteries selling $2 tickets to raise the $13million (July 2011) in profit that we have passed on to children's hospitals and families. 

These lotteries/art unions/raffles that we run all year round bear all the costs (wages, postage, printing, phone etc.) associated with running the Foundation.  When you choose a charity to benefit from your donations always ask how much of your donation gets passed to the to the designated charity, always ask.

Your business support:

Pre purchase a $50.00 book of 25 tickets from us and give them out to your customers.  Each one will only cost you $2.00 but will give each of your customers a chance at our $80,000 winner's choice prize.  Imagine the promotional value for your company, helping a worthy charity and showing your customers how much you value them.  We have three draws a year and their is always a current lottery running all year round.

Call our free phone 1800 255522 to purchase books of tickets and have them sent to you. Of course any tickets you don't give away become yours so you get the chance to win the $80,000 in prizes or if you run out of tickets to give away phone us again for more books.  Check with your accountant, if it's promoting your business it could be a deductible business expense.


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