Our supporters are special people that have shown a dedication to the children of Australia who are suffering with childhood cancers & being treated, or recently completed treatment, at one of our Australian children’s hospitals.

We want to show our gratitude to the unwavering assistance they provide to these youngest of sick kids and to that aim have created a Donor Board. Our smallest donors are just as important as the larger organisations that show their willingness to help the kids, 'from little things big things grow'. We understand that more than most, as the vast majority of the over $22.5million in funding that we have provided over the past 20 years has come from the sale of just $2 tickets in our lotteries.




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Our partnership with Everyday hero allows our supporters to easily challenge themselves by organising fun or serious events where they have their family, friends or workmates sponsor their efforts in a fun run, bike ride or swimming carnival etc and help to cure our kids.

Kids with cancer can benefit from the 'City 2 Surf', 'Run Melbourne' or 'Bridge to Brisbane' or the 'Run Brisbane' Running Festival etc through 'Everyday Hero' just by choosing the kids to sponsor when you participate.

Parents can set up an online fundraising page in 'Everyday Hero' (using our existing banner) for their children for an organised event and challenge other family members and friends to create similar fundraising pages or make online donations supporting their efforts and of course kids with cancer.

Once a donation is received in our 'Gift Account' (an Australian Tax Office requirement for donations) it goes wholly to family assistance & children's hospital's cancer wards.  No management fees or costs are deducted from our Gift Account i.e. 100% is passed on.  We work hard 7 days a week without any major sponsors running our own lotteries selling $2 tickets to raise the $22+million in profit that we have passed on to children's hospitals and families. 

These lotteries/art unions/raffles that we run all year round bear all the costs (wages, postage, printing, phone etc.) associated with running the Foundation.  When you choose a charity to benefit from your donations always ask how much of your donation gets passed to the designated charity, always ask.

You can support our hard working fundraisers:

Help them to achieve their goals, follow the link to their fundraising page and challenge your friends to match your donation.