With over $3million provided just to family financial assistance alone we are proud to say that 100% of all direct donations to Kids with Cancer Foundation are passed on to struggling families of kids with cancer and to children's hospitals where they are treated.  2017 was our biggest year so far, helping families alone with over $422K in financial assistance. 
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No management fees, salaries or any running costs of the Foundation are taken from our 'Gift Account', and that is our promise to cancer families and our supporters.  Our cancer foundation donations are only used for families who are struggling financially, and have a child in one of our Australian children's hospitals being treated for a brain tumor, leukemia and all other childhood cancer, or directly to children's hospitals.


Dr Rebecca Disler is a Senior Lecturer and Researcher at the University of Sydney. 

Our research team is currently looking at how parents of children living with cancer aged 11 years and under, access and use online information and resources in relation to their child’s condition.

This anonymous survey will ask for your opinions about access to health information online, what resources your currently use, and what resources would be useful to support the needs of parents of children who are living with cancer in the future. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/parentsonlinesupports
2017 was our biggest year so far with helping families alone with over $422K in financial assistance. The assistance that we provided went towards 21 funerals, mortgage payments, vet bills, household bills.... the list just goes on. The month of May was our biggest month yet with 29 new families applying to us for help.

As a small charity we get the most satisfaction helping families directly, please help us to continue what we do in your name. Donate & 100% will get to the kids or their families, we take no management fees from your donations. 

Publication12Four year old little Jax was diagnosed with Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) in September 2015.  Jax is only in the early stages of his treatment, with a long road ahead of him for himself and his family.  Jax is a shy little boy when you first meet him, but once he gets to know you, he is very cheeky with a smile that is extremely contagious. Jax loves playing with his iPad and LOVES the Avengers! Us too Jax... especially Ironman! He also loves Batman, Superman,Transformers and Disney's Cars.

He loves playing ball outside and also playing with playdough. Jax has a teddy blanket that he just won't go anywhere without. Some days his mum has to search high and low to find it so he can go to sleep! Teddy has been good for him while being on his treatment.

Jax lives with his parents and his little brother and cousin. He gets into a lot of mischief playing with them.

We here at Kids With Cancer send all our best wishes to little Jax and his family. The financial help they have been able to access so far from us comes from our supporter's direct donations. 

By providing funds to employ four oncology social workers in three hospitals we are providing a vital link between families and the clinicians. Without the social workers the families would not be able to access financial assistance. 
A mother's note of thanks:
I cannot thank you enough for the support you provided to me the last 2 years as a single parent when my now 3yo son had surgeries & chemotherapy. Every month I had to travel to Sydney, a few times arriving with little money for food. You provided me with food vouchers on a few occasions & paid for my car battery when I couldn't afford it so I could get my son to appointments & hospital. Thank you so much, forever grateful.

A mother wrote:
"Our son who is now 20 months old, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer when he was just 7 months old.

We would sincerely like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity for helping me and my family through such difficult times, we are so grateful for the vouchers you send us every few months it has help my family get back on track with life during our sons ongoing treatments with such beautiful peoples who help make this happen. 
May god bless you all and bring you all joy and happiness. Thank you again". 

Jacob's journey

When Jacob Cooper was 11yrs old he was diagnosed with a rare form of  A.L.L Leukaemia. This was on  the 15th August 2012.  He has what is called " The Philadelphia chromosone" ( 3% of people with A.LL leukaemia test positive to this chromosone ) 

His journey began with a very sore back. It was so sore at times he could only crawl to get around. We travelled from Doctor to Doctor to Specialist for weeks only to be told his Xrays and blood tests were all normal. Finally a very kind Rheumatologist called Dr Vanderkallen sent Jacob for some scans which revealed something very unusual on his spine. At last we were getting some answers and shortly after a diagnosis was made.

Since August last year Jacob has undergone  massive doses of chemo ( due to his rare type of leukaemia ) which has made him extremely sick and kept him in hospital a lot. He has also received Radiation treatment and had many trips to surgery.

Luckilliy the treatment is working, thanks to the wonderful Oncologists at The John Hunter Hospital! We certainly have been in good hands. Jacob is through the hardest part of his treatment now and has 1 more year to go. He is getting a little stronger every day.

Because Jacob would spend so much time in Hospital during his treatment, I was forced to give up work.

Thankfully Kids with Cancer foundation came to the rescue!! Thank you so much Peter and "Kids with Cancer " for your kindness and support. Helping us pay our bills has made life so much easier. We are very appreciative and will be forever grateful!

Kind Regards

The Cooper Family

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 Cancer families must travel to a major city children's hospital to have their child treated for a brain tumor, leukemia or other childhood  cancers, and the cost can cripple a family's available income over this treatment period, which is at the least months and usually years.  We have no maximum dollar amount per family/per year as we take each social worker's request on merit when it's received.  One such  story is below:


 On Monday I went to 'Fantastic Furniture' and purchased a single bed, tallboy, bedside table, mattress and dining room setting.  I called into 'Spotlight' and picked up two sheet sets, two pillows, two pillow cases, pillow protectors, doona, doona cover and mattress protector.  The two Pete's delivered the furniture in our trailer to a single mother of two near Westmead and assembled the furniture for her.  Pete had the little girl with a tube up her nose (and not much hair) running round helping him assemble stuff.  Now the 7 year old girl has her own bed to sleep in as she was sharing with her sister and we hope the risk of infection will be minimised while she goes through her chemo treatment over the next 12 months.  We also provided $350 in Woolworth's vouchers as they basically had no food.  We knew of this single mother's plight through a social worker request.  The mother called that afternoon to thank me.

Many of the families that we helped were asking for help through their social workers to pay for their child's funeral.  We're proud to say that no other charity does what we do for families, or hospitals providing funding for Capital Works (cancer wards), staff positions and research.  We are different to most other children's charities, not too many others have executive directors that go shopping for furniture and bed linen for a little girl who has at best 12 months of chemo ahead of her. 


Recently we were asked to help a family of a 5 year old boy who had been diagnosed in NT with Medulloblastoma. Mum was pregnant with their 3rd child at the time of diagnosis. 

The family were required to travel to Sydney for... their boys treatment which included chemotherapy & a bone marrow transplant. The parents had sent the young boy's 2 younger sisters to stay with grandparents in Tasmania, while he underwent treatment in Sydney. 

After 6 weeks he was missing his sisters and we were asked to cover the cost to fly the grandparents and the children to Sydney for a family reunion and the reunion with his two sisters is below.

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Another Victorian mother contacted us in 2014:

Dear Peter & Linda,  

 I was prompted to contact Kids with Cancer after enduring financial hardship towards the end of my sons long fight with Cancer.   So I called....   

I was welcomed by a cheery receptionist and after I gave my spiel on who I was and how I needed help, the lovely lady transferred my call to the CEO, Peter Bodman.  After a very enlightening and refreshing conversation, Peter reassured me that we were eligible for assistance, our utilities would be paid for as immediately as possible and that help was indeed there for us.   

I hung up the phone feeling quite emotional. For a few reasons mainly. Because, after I thought; that's it, we're on our own here, we've used up all our options, there was in fact a MAJOR charity that had never even been brought to our attention that actually was able to assist us in a way that no other charity could!   

I was so overwhelmed with what they "could" do and felt such a sense of relief when Linda phoned me as promised the next day and had all my overdue expenses paid within 48 hours! Absolutely brilliant!   

Kids with Cancer should be named as THE FIRST POINT OF CALL to all families having to walk this horrible journey. Anybody that has travelled this road can tell you that Cancer is not cheap and affects families in so many troubling ways. I am disappointed that this wonderful charity wasn't brought to our attention sooner as it would have alleviated a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety!   

Thank you wholeheartedly to all involved in this charity. Without your assistance right now, I'd hate to think where we'd be!   

Warmest regards,


The donations that we receive go 100% to such families. Thank you on behalf of this family and the hundreds more that we assist, thanks for your continued support of these youngest of kids.

You can help a family of a young child with cancer today, by ensuring that your donation to a children's cancer charity will get through to the kids in its entirety. 

 We urge you to consider the children in a hospital near you.  Please donate, post cheques to: Kids with Cancer Foundation, PO Box 135 Westmead NSW 2145 or for credit cards: free-call any donations to 1800 255522, and we guarantee that 100% of these direct donations will be passed to families & hospital cancer wards, or use this Donate now button or at the top of the page.