Kids with Cancer Foundation Australia has provided funds to Sydney Children's Hospital to carry out research since 1999.


Our team (Sydney Children's) has been the first in the world to assess grandparent's levels of distress and identify strategies to help them to help their families better.

Using what we have learned from our first grandparent study, we are currently developing resources specifically for grandparents, to help them to feel more informed about their grandchild's cancer diagnosis, and to help them to look after themselves while their grandchild is being treated. We hope to show that by providing more information and support to grandparents, we will improve their quality of life and enhance their ability to support their families.

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The Behavioural Sciences Unit (BSU) supported by Kids with Cancer Foundation, at Sydney Children’s Hospital is a team of researchers & clinicians working to find better ways for families to face childhood cancer. The Unit has developed an Information Booklet for Grandparents of children with cancer

Research has shown the BSU that the needs of grandparents of children with cancer are often overlooked. Coping with the physical and emotional challenges of a cancer diagnosis an...d its treatment can be difficult for all family members. This is especially true of childhood cancer, with extensive research documenting the psychosocial consequences experienced by the immediate family (ie, parents and siblings) of paediatric cancer patients. However, less research has investigated the psychological impact on grandparents of children with cancer despite evidence to suggest that having a grandchild with a serious health condition can be challenging for grandparents as well.

Grandparents of children with cancer report feeling helpless when witnessing their grandchild's suffering and dread the possibility of recurrence.

Others have described a desire to trade places with their grandchild because of their age and concerns about heritability if the grandparent has experienced cancer themselves. Grandparents do not receive firsthand information from their grandchild's health care team due to the legal restrictions surrounding the disclosure of health information in many countries, including Australia Grandparents can also feel reluctant to ask their children about the grandchild's cancer or to offer their own uninformed opinions. Our recent study reported that grandparents of children with cancer mainly desired information about their grandchild's chance of survival, possible consequences of the cancer, probable treatment phases, and relapse risk. Educational resources customized to grandparents' unique needs were also strongly endorsed.

The study therefore aimed to develop and evaluate an educational resource in the form of a printed booklet for grandparents of children with cancer and ‘A guide for Grandparents of Children with Cancer’ is the amazing result. 

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