Financial Assistance

The financial assistance available is accessed through the hospital social worker assigned to each family. The social worker will apply to us on the family's behalf and in this way the parents are relieved of the additional burden of seeking their own assistance. The family's social worker will know the family's background and current circumstances and is the best person suited to make such an application to us.  

We pay the salaries for four social workers but you may not be asigned to one of our social workers, however all oncology social workers know of us and how we can help their families.  We recommend that all parents speak with their social worker as often as possible and don't wait till their circumstances become insurmountable, it's much easier to seek and gain financial help before any debt becomes too large.

We at Kids with Cancer Foundation are able to assist families with what would be considered a normal household debt.  As we are 'Kids with Cancer' the child undergoing treatment must be pre teen, 12 years or younger.  The financial difficulties must be caused by having a young child undergoing, or recently completed cancer treatment. The debt will not be considered if it occurred prior to the cancer treatment, we can't give cash, we can't reimburse out of pocket expenses nor can we pay fines.

We don't have a dollar limit per year per family, we can pay more than one bill at a time but we do treat each application for assistance on its merit and reserve the right to reject an application that we consider excessive.

We assist with school fees for the patient or siblings, tuition (music or otherwise), car repairs, insurances, replacement white goods, bedding and furniture, electricity, water, gas etc.  When a family can't put food on the table or buy presents for kids birthdays or at Christmas we can provide Coles, Woollies and Target vouchers to get them through a tough time.  We assist families with funeral expenses.

It is of the utmost importance that as parents you keep your social worker informed at all times and not to let any debt become too great.


Government Rebates and Energy Assistance

Check to see if you are entitled to a Carers assistance:


In NSW we also recommend contacting 'Resources & Energy:

Resources & Energy Assistance Guide can be downloaded from their website: 

  • Find out if you are eligible for any of our government rebates to receive credit on your electricity bill.
  • Suffering a short term financial crisis or emergency? Stay connected to your electricity and gas supplier by applying for this scheme.
  • A handy list of available resources to help with energy bills including government rebates, emergency aid and easy payment options.
  • Your questions answered about increases in electricity and gas prices and what this means for your bill. 

In Victoria we recommend contacting the 'Department of Human Services':

The Utility Relief Grant Scheme

The Utility Relief Grant Scheme and the Non-Mains Utility Relief Grant Scheme provide assistance for domestic customers who are unable to pay their utility bills due to a temporary financial crisis. 

Assistance may be provided to low-income households suffering a short-term (within last 12 months) financial crisis who are unable to pay for a current utility account or LP gas account and who are at risk of disconnection, restriction of supply, or non-supply of gas bottles. 

The Utility Relief Grant Scheme is also available to eligible customers who experience difficulties paying for other non-mains sources such as LPG, diesel and petrol (for a generator), heating oil, firewood, metered electricity from an embedded network and carted water.

In Queensland we recommend contacting the 'Queensland Government home':

The Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme:

  • is for low-income households who've experienced a short-term financial crisis or unforeseen emergency that has limited their ability to pay their current electricity or reticulated natural gas bills.
  • is one-off emergency assistance to help with paying your home energy bills
  • pays up to $720 in any 12 month period for a maximum of 2 consecutive years.

In South Australia we recommend contacting '':


Directory of services to help households with energy costs




In Western Australia we recommend contacting the 'Department for Child Protection and Family Support':

Hardship Utility Grant Scheme (HUGS)

HUGS is a State Government scheme which provides financial assistance to help people with financial difficulties pay their water, gas and electricity bills so their supply is not cut off. 

 Why some people find it difficult to ask for assistance:

Many people struggling to pay their bills are simply not aware that help is available. Many do not know that if they are experiencing a financial crisis they can be assessed for emergency assistance or that they can ask their energy retailer if they can pay their bills in instalments and so on. People in paid employment are less likely than those receiving government assistance to be aware of the options for support and assistance.

Even when people are aware that help is available, they may feel embarrassed to admit they are having trouble with their payments.

Many people also tend to put off difficult situations – ‘until tomorrow’. Despite receiving written reminder notices or warnings of approaching disconnection, it may not be until they are actually disconnected that they are shocked into action.

Some people just feel overwhelmed by the increasing level of debt on their energy account. This can lead to a sense of helplessness: “I can’t find my way out of this problem.” And for those who have never sought help before, coming to you for assistance may feel awkward.