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The Greater Western Sydney Football Club 'GIANTS' have agreed to partner with us in order to spread the word about the Kids with Cancer Foundation so that we may gain more support from the public, allowing us to do even more for the families of kids with cancer over the whole of Australia.

Kids with Cancer Foundation thanks the management, staff and players for this wonderful initiative.  The partnership with this new AFL team will be of great benefit to the Foundation.

We urge our supporters to choose an AFL team to support and get behind our club, the 'GIANTS'.


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Two of the Giants players: Josh Growden #41 (left) and Aidan Corr # 35 volunteered to come to Parramatta Westfield shopping centre to meet & greet the fans and assisted us to promote our raffle sales.  The boys did a great job on behalf of the kids and we couldn't be happier with the result on the day.  We all thought they were great ambassadors for the AFL and the Giants.

We urge you to consider the children in a hospital near you.  Please donate, post cheques to: Kids with Cancer Foundation, PO Box 135 Westmead NSW 2145 or for credit cards: free-call any donations to 1800 255522, and we guarantee that 100% of these donations will be passed to families & children's hospital's cancer wards, or use this Donate now button or at the top of the page.