Kids with Cancer Foundation Lotteries


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$80,000 Lottery win and you choose your prize

Your choice of prizes to $80,000 retail.  When you win you get to tell us what we should buy for you: cars, holidays, boats, bikes, carsvans & motorhomes.

Prizes are not limited to what we have on display or on our brochures or tickets.  We can't fit every prize combination, so we leave it up to you when you win & your're only limited by your own imagination.

If you win you could choose a holiday to a destination of your own choosing & travel with whom ever you want & if there's money left over from the $80,000 you can come home to a new car, boat or bike.

You choose the holiday package from your choice of Travel Agents, we pay & you take off when you want.  If you win and choose the car, we buy it for you, all to a total $80,000 retail.


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BMW 3 Series, or your choice of cars.


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Harley or your choice of bikes.


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Toyota 86 GTS or Nissan 370Z


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Your choice of boats, add a car as well.


Our lotteries/raffles are run in-house, we don't employ any commercial raffle organisers, the money goes to Kids with Cancer Foundation.  If you receive our mail that letter comes from our own office, we don't use a mail house.  We cut costs by doing all that we can ourselves and this has allowed us to give away over $14million from these raffles.


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Range Rover Evoque


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HSV Clubsport


You can choose: perfornace cars, sports cars or coupes, AWD or 4WD Utes & tray tops.


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Toyota Land Cruiser, choice of bodies


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Mini Roadster



Remember at all times it's your choice, your car, your colour, your holiday destination: New York, London, Paris, Rome travel alone or take friends & family.

Multiple tickets will gain extra bonus prizes if you win first prize.  As tickets are just $2, spending as little as $10 will get you 5 chances to win.


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Help us to help the youngest of kids in our Australian hospitals

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